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Monthly Prayer

Glorious Father thank you.

Thank you for giving me what only you knew to give; Your Son JESUS! Thank you for the gifts you have given me, help me to use my gifts to be a help to others. Thank you for being generous to me and always being with me, Lord help me to continue to cling close and to love you all the days of my life.

About The brand

SoooGifted is what we are as people, for we each are given great gifts, from the Lord which are to be use to serve others.

It is written " as faithful stewards of GOD(Jesus), that we should use each of our gifts in it's various forms to serve each other. " 1Peter 4:10

Originated in 2020 stuck in the house, during the pandemic trying to figure out which specific gift to used , that I was going to provide that would help others but mainly glorify God(Jesus).

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